Bringing Home The Bacon: Your Step By Step Guide to Buying in Bulk

We know it can be overwhelming the first time you buy a half or a whole hog so we created this easy to follow guide.

Decide for yourself if it’s right for your family!

Our pigs roam a 5 acre oak woodlot and are free to forage for grasses, grubs and acorns.  They are supplemented with an organic non-corn, non-soy, non GMO feed ration.  We never administer antibiotics, vaccination, growth hormones or chemical dewormers so this meat is sure to be pure and clean.

The pork chops are delicious, the bacon is amazing!

The roasts cook up beautifully into Mexican Style Pulled Pork!

The lard can be rendered and used to make flakey pot pie your mouth watering yet?


By The Cut

You can purchase individual cuts in our farm store year round if you want to sample our pork or you prefer to buy in smaller quantities.  You can also get extra bacon or pork chops if you know you don't want to run out.

Visit our Farm Store to see what we have in stock.


Bulk Pork Deposit

When you plan ahead you can reserve your half or whole hog with a deposit.

This reserves your hog for our next butcher date and helps cover the costs of feed so that your farmers can stay in business.



When purchasing pork in bulk you save money and if you plan ahead you can customize how thick you want your pork chops, how you want your bacon and ham cured, and what kind of sausage you want.

We offer hogs by the half or whole based on the hanging weight (the weight of the hog once the entrails have been removed).

Hanging weight for a whole hog is approximately 200 lbs.

Hanging weight for a half hog is about 100 lbs.

Cut and wrapped you receive between 65%-75% of the hanging weight, so for a whole hog you could expect 130-150lbs of meat and for a half hog you could expect 65-75lbs.

Example of cuts you can choose from when purchasing a half or whole hog:

  • Ham (cured or fresh leg roast)

  • Bacon (cured or fresh side)

  • Pork Chops

  • Italian Sausage, Breakfast Sausage or Fresh Ground

  • Bratwursts

  • Ribs: Country Style, Baby Back or St. Louis Style

  • Pork Roasts

  • Lard

  • Soup Bones

  • Organ Meat


Standard butchering fees are included in the cost of your pork. We account for a standard amount but anything above and beyond that may be your responsibility. Feel free to ask us about this.

We typically have a couple butcher dates throughout the year, so just ask us when our next bulk order is available.

Reserve Yours Today!

Bulk Pork Deposit