December 7, 2017

Thank you so much for being part of our farm community!

I want to share a personal story with you that motivates me to keep farming and feeding my family nutrient dense, grass fed meats.


I was shopping at Costco right before Thanksgiving a few weeks ago and you know how it just happens...I try really hard not to do it... but it just happens that you glance into other people's shopping carts as they pass you, and you notice what they are buying?

I passed this one cart that was full of pies!  Four huge pecans and four huge pumpkins pies!  Right before the holidays life can be a little hectic and for a moment I thought, "I should just buy pies too instead of make them from scratch".

I have three little boys under the age of 5 that keep me on my toes from sun up to sun down EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It’s crazy sometimes!

You know how it is too, or maybe you can remember back to the days as a mom with toddlers.  It might look something like this-

Swim lessons, story time at the library, naps, meals, baths, bedtime stories, several rounds of kisses then as you lay down next to their sweet heads to persuade them to fall asleep you nod off first.

An hour later you drag yourself to your own bed only to be awoken couple times through the night to nurse the baby.

You can see why I so desperately wanted to just buy pies!

Then I caught myself!  Crisco-gross.  High fructose corn syrup-no way!  Additives, thickeners, GMOs, white refined sugar-I don't think so!

So I headed home to use my pastured pork lard for the crust and homegrown pumpkin puree.    

As a disclaimer I just want to say that I am not above buying a frozen lasagna from time to time for those evenings when it's just not going to happen to make a homemade meal from scratch before your children turn into monsters and you pull your hair out.  But when I have my wits about me, I plan ahead like you, and use ingredients I can trust.

I had this ah-ha! moment where I realized I have a PERSONAL CONNECTION to my food.  

Like you, I know my farmer (he sleeps by me at night though).  I feel responsible to not overeat and not throw anything away when I know where my food comes from.

I also feel like I'm giving my family a gift each time I make a nutritious dinner, therefore…


Homemade meals take some time, lets face it, cooking from scratch can be time consuming.   But this is the time you can gather your kids and let them help, tell them stories about how their grandmother made homemade biscuits and pork gravy.  It’s time you can spend growing closer together as a family.


Our animals are raised SLOW, without growth hormones or steroids, and that takes time, but that to me means LOVE.  Most meat you buy in the grocery store is raised in concentrated fed lots or hoop houses with their heads stuck in a feed bunker and very little room to move about.

Our animals live a wonderfully natural life, on pasture, in the open space and fresh air.

The chickens and turkeys scratch for grubs and peck at fresh grass.


The pigs free range in a 5 acre oak forest and root for bugs or acorns.


The cows and sheep graze on fresh green grass their whole lives.


They live a delightful life, then give us the opportunity to show LOVE by the time we spend preparing meals.  They bring our families together around the dinner table creating lasting relationships, NOURISHING our bodies and souls.


I love being a farmer and sharing our pastured meats and eggs with you.

Since we are still getting to know you I wanted to make sure you know what Farm Products we have available.

This way you can plan your year to buy in bulk and save some money or buy a few individual cuts to sample.

I'd love to hear from you, leave a comment below and tell me your take on why Food is Love.

Yours Naturally,

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