Life is better together...

I know you have many options when it’s time to buy food.

Walmart and Safeway have delivery options so you don’t have to leave your house to grocery shop.

The world is at your fingertips on Amazon Prime, practically anything you could think of is available delivered to your doorstep in 2 days.


Our lives are increasingly more busy, we can squeeze in more and more into each day because the simple things can be taken care of with a few clicks of our smartphones.

But with all these conveniences I feel we are drifting apart as a community. I see how we are slipping into more seclusion and deeper isolation. We are giving up our human need for community in exchange to be more busy.

One of the most fulfilling times in my day is when I get to connect with you, our farm customers, face to face.

We get to engage in meaningful conversation, we have common ground of wanting to eat well and be responsible stewards of the land.

We get to swap recipes and share life’s wisdom.

Many of you share the entrepreneurial spirit that I do and we chat about what having your own business is like.

I love seeing you because it affirms that what we are doing is meaningful work.

No we don’t ship our products, we want to see you face to face.

No we don’t have a self serve stand or farm store employees, we want to hug your neck.

No we don’t have you pick up your meat from the butcher, we want you to see the place that grew your food.


We want to look into your eyes with joy and thank you for supporting the movement of eating local.

It feeds my soul and reminds me of my crucial need for human connection, friendship and sharing life.

We are unlike other generations or cultures where families stay living close to each, or even share a home with grandparents. We need to be careful not to isolate, but to stay social and engaged.

I love hearing how our foods are improving your son’s health so that he can come off his diabetes medication. I love hearing how our egg yolks are your babies first food. I love hearing how you are using our grass fed beef bones to make broth to heal from a bone marrow donation you just went through for your brother.

I truly believe life is better when you are able to come out to our farm. We need to visit face to face. I need to hear your story. I need to share life with you. It deepens our core need for human connection. It’s a beautiful thing.

Please visit the farm often, come to our classes and come work beside us on October 19th for our Fall Farm Work Day & Harvest Feast 9am-1pm.